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The FDIC estimates that over 14 million adults in the United States do not have a bank account and a further 48 million adults have a form of bank account but have used an alternative financial service in the last 12 months. Many of these people will feel they are financially excluded because of a bad credit score or perhaps there is a lack of trust in the banking system: in fact FDIC also found that 30% of unbanked households “don’t trust banks”.‍

It can be difficult to get a bank loan with bad credit, but fortunately there are a wide variety of others ways to borrow money. It’s even possible to take out a loan without a bank account, but your options are far more limited. We’ve listed the different types of loan that you can get if you have bad credit, or simply don’t want to use a bank.

Payday Loans

A payday loan is intended for small expenses and is usually paid back on or around the time you get paid.‍

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Installment Loans

An installment loan is for slightly larger amounts than a payday loan, and multiple repayments are made to repay the borrowed amount over weeks or months.‍

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Title Loans

Also known as “auto loans” or “car title loans”, title loans are when borrowers can use their car as collateral.‍

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Co-Signer Loans

A cosigner loan is where a person with a low credit score needs to borrow money and must find someone with good credit history to cosign the loan.

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Loan Alternatives

While loans can be a convenient way to cover an unexpected cost, they may not always be the best way to quickly get cash before payday.‍

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